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Canadian Film Festivals

filmfestivalCanada was thought to be a small country with a small film industry; but with the current developments in its economy and technology, this once small country became well known to the world. Despite the country’s relatively small population, the talents are extremely big. The ability of its people to live up to worldly expectations has made Canada a country to watch out.

Parts of Canada were colonized by the French, and some inhabitants are natural French speakers, however, majority of the population are English speakers allowing them to cope up and keep up with the global trends.

Satellite Television

satellite tvThe home will not be complete without a television set that serves as the primary entertainment of kids and adults when staying at home? Life at home would be boring especially for the kids, teenagers and even for adults who are engaged in their favorite television shows. From small kids and their cartoons, to teens and their romance flicks, to adults and sci-fi or melodramatic shows, the TV is one appliance that should be present in the house.

Even though parents would often nag their kids about viewing schedules, in deep thought parents should actually be thankful that they have a TV because their kids stay at home and not loiter in the streets.  

Fimling a Music Festival

I have recently got a chance to film a music festival. This will be my first time so I am excited. There is so much more than just going out and taking some videos to it. This is my guide on what I plan to do to get the best film possible.

Meeting the Performers

I plan on meeting and taking video of all the performers for the first section of my film. I assume that I will be given VIP access to do this. When making music festival film the most important part is the band. People want to see the band behind the scenes and see what they do. I think this part of the film will really separate it from the other music festival films out there. I have already spoken with the drummer, Lawrence Jaeger on his Facebook page. He has agreed to show me around and help me get film of what it is truly like behind the scenes.

Filming the People

The second part of my film will be before the bands play. I want to get film of people getting ready, having a good time and what their environment is like. I will also get some video of all the vendors to show people how good the food and drinks are there. When the band starts playing I will get plenty of film of their performance as well as the crowd. This part will take up the majority or my short film.

Winding Down

The final section of my film will be toward the end of the performance. I plan on highlighting the amped up people wanting more. I also want to do some interviews with people that attending the show. I plan to ask them what they thought of the performance, what they thought of the vendors and if they would come back again. The closing scene would be people getting in their car and leaving. I also want to do some road shots on my trip out while playing some of the band’s music in the background.
I will update you guys and try to post the video of my final edit on this website.

The Extraordinary Rise Of Infomercials. 6 Pack Abs, Knife Sharpeners, Stone Cookware And More

I remember many years ago advertising on television was different. If you wanted to advertise on a television station you purchased an advertising slot and advertised your product. It was simple and effective and everybody knew what the ads were.

But those days are gone and now “infomational” advertising is all the rage. Whilst we still see plenty of standard television advertising the rise of “infomercials” has been dramatic.

You know the ones. A complete half-hour dedicated to the latest fitness equipment. A well seasoned presenter talking to a bunch of people who have used a particular piece of fitness equipment to reduce their weight by 50lbs and who have happened to get 6 packs abs along the way.

There are now entire programs, and television channels, dedicated to the infomercial.

The trend towards infomercials began in the US where companies promoted their products in long form television shows outside of peaktime hours, commonly from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Being long form programs it was essential that the program present information together with the promotional material. Therefore the term “infomercial” was coined, being a combination of the words “information” and “commercial”.

These programs are often made to resemble standard television programmes as closely as possible, and often tried to downplay the fact that a product is being sold to improve the response rate of the viewers.

Usually there is a more complicated commercial message and call to action in these programs than you would find in regular commercials, and they often seek to get viewers to phone a dedicated number to talk to someone at the company.

Why would anyone watch an infomercial?

Some people wonder why any viewers would sit through half an hour of advertising. However infomercials have proven to be extremely popular and very effective as advertising and estimates are that anywhere up to $150 billion of products are sold in the US every year through infomercials.

We’ve recently been interested to watch a few to see how modern infomercial technology is working. In the last few days we’ve watched infomercials about how to choose stone cookware, how to get 6 pack abs (a common favorite) and how to select the best knife sharpener (like these ones).

We still wonder how anyone could sit through a half-hour of television during which time, despite all efforts being made to suggest the contrary, they are clearly being advertised to. In the US now the FTC requires that any infomercial longer than 15 minutes must disclose that it is a paid advertisement, so it’s very difficult to maintain that the program is anything other than an ad.

But it seems that infomercials are here to stay

Despite our skepticism there’s no doubt, however, that infomercials are here to stay. They sell products effectively and TV stations love them. They are a new source of revenue and we have no doubt that there will be infomercials on your TV into the foreseeable future.

But it’s your choice whether you watch them or not.

Tips to Protect Your Phone from being Snatched on the Streets

Your phone is definitely something that you cannot live without. If you have already left home without your phone, you will most likely come back just to get it. There are a lot of instances in which you will need your phone throughout the day. This is even the reason why even when you are on the streets, you still use your phone. Sadly, you might not necessarily know the people walking next to you if you are in a public place or in a crowded area. To be safe, you need to learn some of the tips to protect your phone against thieves:

• Look for a safe place where you can do a call. If you are on the streets, find the nearest building with a security guard. If you make calls while you are still there, you can easily take your phone out without fearing that someone will just grab it away from your hands and run.

• Don’t be so focused on what you are doing with your phone that you forget what is going on around you. Sometimes, you enjoy chatting with someone or you get hooked up in a game. As a result, you tend to be less aware of your environment. This makes you more vulnerable to snatchers. Thus, you have to take your time to stop while you are on the street before holding your phone again.

• Make use of a hands-free unit. This is where you can make calls without necessarily holding the phone. This will create an impression that you are just listening to music or you are not even doing calls at all.

• Always be aware of where you have placed your phone. If possible, you need to put it in the same place wherever you go. It could be in the nearest pocket or a particular area in your bag. By then, you know where to find it right away when needed.

If you have experienced being robbed before, it is definitely a traumatic experience. Therefore, you need to be more careful this time. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a new cell phone, check out the edgy Samsung Galaxy S5.

Why Traders Is a Perfect TV Show

The TV landscape is certainly changing for the better. There was a time when TV shows represented the absolute nadir of art. This isn’t the case anymore. Many of the TV shows produced today rival even the best works of art in the fields of literature, music, and film. One of these shows happens to be “Traders.” In this post, I am going to talk about Traders and what makes it such an amazing show. By doing so, I hope to make people realize that TV really is a great venue for art; that it should not be readily dismissed as something that offers no aesthetic value.

Just what is Traders all about? Traders, as its name implies, follows a group of traders as they conduct their daily lives. By looking at the daily lives of such Traders, so many topics of importance to the modern world are examined. The main protagonist of the show is Donny Draper. Donny Draper is a broker who works for a binary options brokerage. Each episode of the show deals with a certain aspect of being a broker working for such a brokerage, as well as Draper’s relationships with his co-workers and his family. Through smart, nuanced writing, the showrunners are able to make the show consistently engaging despite being about a subject that most people would consider “boring.”

I actually learned how to do binary options trading by watching the show. In one episode, one of the traders explains why it is important to create a binary options virtual trading account with a reputable brokerage. The trader explains that most brokerages out there are actually set up so that their clients end up failing in the long run and lose all their money to them. This isn’t the case with brokerages that are regulated. I applied what I learned from the show and signed up for an account at Banc de Binary, one of the few binary options trading platform provider companies that are actually regulated. Because of what I learned from the trader, I am now making a lot of money off binary options trading.

Of course, examining in-depth topics about a variety of things isn’t the only thing that makes Traders such a great show. One of the other things that make Traders such a great show is its amazing cinematography. The show really proves that beautiful shots aren’t just found in the best films anymore. Now, TV shows can rival the best films when it comes to cinematography. What’s really amazing is that TV shows are really long. Whereas in movies, cinematographers only have to shoot scenes that amount to around 2 hours worth of material, cinematographers have to go to much greater lengths with TV series. The sheer artistry involved in keeping cinematography for TV shows consistently beautiful can really leave people dumbfounded.

The narrative and cinematography of Traders are the two biggest contributors to its artistic success. The two factors alone builds a solid case for TV shows being able to aspire to high art. If you have been following recent TV shows, you will know that Traders isn’t the only show that is able to achieve such amazing feats. Mad Girls, Stroke, The Mire, and Friday Night Live are also able to present viewers with a TV viewing experience that speaks to the medium’s capability to be a venue for high art. It really is amazing; we are currently living in the golden age of Television.

Essentials of an Effective Television Commercial

Watching television shows is a favorite pastime for many. With almost every household owning at least one television set, it is believed that an average person spends three hours watching television every day. Having this kind of exposure, it is not surprising that advertisers are using television as an effective medium to promote their products. This is the reason why you see so many commercials in between the show segments that you watch.

Companies aim to produce memorable commercials, since this has significant impact on product promotion. The more effective a commercial, the more positive its impact is on the public. Usually, this also translates to better sales of the product that is advertised. To make commercials effective, there are certain points to be considered.

Primarily, the target market has to be established. Different demographics in society have different tastes and respond to commercials in different ways as well. Is your product suited for the average housewife or the career woman? Are you selling services to families in the middle-income or the high-income range? Try to know these facts first and tailor your commercial to the preferences of your target market.

Determine your budget and stick with it. Knowing the limits of your expenses will enable you to decide the length of the commercial, which television stations it will play and how often. It will also give you an idea on the amount and type of resources you have to work with, such as supplies and equipment, props, actors and other staff, and filming locations.

For example, if your commercial involves a church wedding, then you have to think about securing an entire wardrobe for the bride, the groom and all the members of entourage. This alone can make a big dent on your budget. To minimize expenses, you can go online and search for shops and stores that sell clothes and other props at low prices. Sites like offer discount flower girl dresses that will stand out in your commercial’s wedding scene.

An important part of the commercial that you should never leave out is the call to action. All forms of advertising use it, as it is the part where you will entice the viewers to act and purchase the product or service you are promoting. This involves telling potential customers to shop now, or visit a website or make a call.

A commercial does not have to be expensive or complicated to be effective. In fact, some brands became household names just by using a simple tagline in their commercials. The important thing is getting your message across to your target audience.

Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets We Shouldn’t Live Without

downloadSince I learned how to make a pancake back when I was 8 years old, I never stopped cooking and it didn’t take long before I was able to dominate our kitchen, next to my mom. This means being a plain housewife is not a problem in terms of making meals at home and meals for our family outings. Aside from thinking of recipes, I also explored the realm of kitchen appliances and saw how the innovation makes cooking a lot easier. For those who are at the starting line of jazzing up their kitchen with new appliances, here’s a list of what you should never miss.

Mandoline slicer

A classic gadget that makes things faster – this is a must in every kitchen especially those who love cooking. There are many mandoline slicers available in the market today but any of it will do. Along the mandatory tasks of this gadget is to mince, slice and julienne vegetables, fruits and just about anything. So if you’re in a hurry cook your husband’s fave meal, this product will surely be handy. Above all, it’s easy to clean and easy to keep away in case you have limited space in your kitchen. Keep it away from reach of kids and always watch your fingers, and you’re good to go.


More than just a slow cooker, this kitchen appliance will solve your problem in every cooking dilemma. It’s a versatile gadget that allows you to experiment with new recipes effortlessly. Because it’s a slow cooker, it allows you to cook your meal at a slow pace and at the same time it helps add more flavor because the meat and veggies will incorporate a lot longer with the juice or sauce that slowly boils. Also, crockpots are considered warmers since it automatically shifts its setting to warmer when you’re done cooking. This means you don’t have to deal with cold stew and soup anymore!

Food dehydrator

One of my newest additions to my kitchen is a food dehydrator. I was reading an article on the 2014 roundup of top models and one mentioned the best food dehydrator she personally uses. Of course, I tried it! And yes, it’s indeed great in terms of preserving food and keeping kids interested in fruits and vegetables. This gadget is the solution to keeping all food longer in your kitchen. With proper handling, the dehydrated food will last a lot longer allowing you to save more money.

Roaster oven

What I love about this guy is that it caters pretty much anything, literally. Anything that goes in my typical oven can also go in my roaster. If you want to keep useful but space-saving gadgets then this is a must-have. I saw this magazine cover the top models available which includes the best dehydrator for jerky; they also mentioned a roaster oven. Obviously, models have their own way of eating as much as they want without getting fat and indeed, a roaster is of great help on that since I get to work on healthier meals easily.

Going to Use Forklifts as Filming Props? Watch a Video First

forkliftsIf you are a film producer, a props manager, a director, or whatever you are in a production team, you may be thinking of using forklifts in your shoots to move heavy things around. Forklifts are widely used for this purpose, and they are commonly seen in film production sets.

But before you proceed in getting one or two of those forklifts, let me ask you something. Did you know that an online viral video of forklift accidents was featured in the Cannes Film Festival 2013? Well, now you know. The four-minute video showed truly astounding forklift accidents like the forklift drift (yes, lifts can drift too!) and the forklift stunt (oh, hilarious).

That video is funny but if those stuff happen on your production set, all hell will break loose. After watching that I’m certain you’ll think of doing the following:

You Will Get a Qualified Operator

You will not get a half-learned, semi-qualified somebody; you will get a licensed and professional forklift operator. You simply cannot let the fate of your production, and not to mention your life, rest on the hands of someone without a license issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

You Will Get High Quality Forklifts ONLY

Too much is at stake for you to take the risk and get a substandard forklift. You will scour the country (okay, maybe just your state) for the highest quality forklift there is. Thank heavens there are forklift providers like Forklift Rental USA which will help you with this. You simply tell them you want a forklift and they suggest the best type of forklift, available forklifts around your area, AND the best prices for you.

You Will Require an Inspection before Every Use

You will not let the qualified operator proceed to forklifting without an inspection before use. You simply can’t take a chance. If the forklift requires any type of repairs, you will immediately call for the service of qualified individuals like a service engineer.

You Will Require a Report after Every Use

When the day is over and your set is packing up, the prop manager will ask the operator for any concerns about the forklift. Any required repairs should be done immediately; if the forklift is found to be defective, it should be replaced a.s.a.p.

Remember, film production entails a lot of risk-taking, but don’t take chances when it comes to safety. Just don’t.

The Best Show on TV

The TV industry is at its best right now. Thanks to the fact that the TV viewers of today have more refined tastes and the fact that TV networks are now unafraid of experimenting with their programming, many TV shows currently on air are both commercially and critically successful. According to experts, now is the best time for people to enter the TV industry. After all, writers are now able to do what they want without restraint while TV networks shell out millions of dollars for groundbreaking projects. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the best TV shows currently on air: Books. By discussing Books, we hope to make more people understand what exactly makes today’s TV shows so good.

Books is a TV show about a group of Toronto-based bookkeepers and accountants who offer off site accounting services to different companies. The show focuses on the different businesses they deal with as well the day to day workings of their company. The premise might seem really boring, but Books actually makes the subject of filing taxes and availing of tax incentives very exciting. One can’t help but feel glee when the show’s protagonists help small business become successful by helping them save so much money through proper accounting/bookkeeping. What exactly makes Books such a great show? For one, there’s its writing. Compared to the average TV show, Books features writing that rivals even the writing of the best films and novels. Through its sharp writing, Books is able to tackle so many issues through the lives of ordinary bookkeepers and accountants.

In addition to featuring amazing writing, the show also features amazing production design. Through the efforts of its production designers, the look and feel of 80s Toronto is fully recreated for the show. In the city of Toronto accounting services firms abound: for the purpose of production, many of these firms have lent their offices to Books’ production crew. Although many of the show’s scenes are just set in different offices, these offices really give off a 1980s vibe thanks to the show’s production crew. One can’t deny that the nostalgia factor really contributes to the fact that the show has so many fans in older demographics.

“I was sceptical of the show being successful at first. It took Vince Gleeson [the creator of the show] two years to finally convince me to fund this project. Luckily, I gave in to his requests. The success of the show has definitely made us the top TV network in Canada. Now, thanks to Books’ success, I am not afraid of letting our network experiment with its programming. Since the success of Books, our network has created more challenging works; these TV shows also ended up being both commercially and critically successful. Looking at the statistics, the TV viewers of today are definitely already tired of trash TV,” Bob Newerth, President of AMCC, told us.

Hopefully, what I have written here will prove informative to those who are interested or want to work in the TV industry. Nobody knows how many more years this current golden age of TV is going to last, so people who want to work in TV better get into the industry now.

Game of Chairs: The Best Show on TV

We are currently in the “Golden Age of TV.” Unlike back then, TV networks now aim to experiment with their programming because it now yields much profit to them. Just a few years ago, it would have been unimaginable for TV networks to produce TV shows that aspire to high art. Times have changed, though. Now, TV networks can produce challenging works without fear of losing their investment. There are many shows that embody the spirit of the golden age, and for this article, I’m going to talk about one of them: Game of Chairs. By talking about Game of Chairs, I hope to make more people understand why the TV industry is doing so well today.

Game of Chairs is a fantasy TV series produced by HBOO. Since it started airing in 2011, the show has garnered critical acclaim and dozens of awards from many different award-giving bodies. In addition to these, the show has also proven to be a commercial hit in so many different countries all over the world. Unlike many TV shows, Game of Chairs has a very huge ensemble cast and is shot in many different parts of the world. One day, the production crew are shooting in New Zealand, the next, they are shooting in Malta. Due to the efforts of the production crew, Game of Chairs is currently the most expensively produced TV show on air. Of course, despite this, it still makes HBOO so much profit.

Of course, there are many considerations to making a show as big as Game of Chairs that make production difficult. One of these considerations happens to be keeping everyone in good health. Seeing as Game of Chairs is set in a medieval-like world, many of the locations used for the show are ghost towns. To keep the crew healthy, Game of Chairs’ production has the mold in the abandoned homes they use cleaned up, for one. When it comes to mold remediation Toronto citizens trust only one company – this company is hired by Game of Chairs’ production crew to take care of the abandoned homes they use. Due to their efforts, the cast doesn’t experience allergic reactions when filming and everything goes smoothly during production.

Despite being a massive success, Game of Chairs is the kind of show that TV networks would have stayed away from producing just a few years ago. Aside from being very expensive, Game of Chairs is very unconventional to the point that Most TV viewers back then wouldn’t have watched it. Thanks to changing tastes and the resolve of TV auteurs, however, TV networks now aim to produce TV shows like Game of Chairs. Some of these TV shows are AMMC’s Mad Girls and Foxx’s Daughters of Anarchy.

“I can definitely say that the TV industry has never been this alive. People who want to work in the TV industry should definitely try to work in a TV network now. We don’t know how long this golden age is going to last, but what we can be sure of is that anyone who works in TV right now is having the best time. Hopefully though, the success being experienced by TV networks right now continues well into the future,” Josh Whedon, TV showrunner, told us.

(Note: if you would like to get in touch with the mold removal company in Toronto the show’s production crew hires, please visit their website.)

What the TV Show “Suit & Tie” Can Teach People About the TV Industry

Ever since dawn of the TV industry, it has been putting out legal dramas. Many of these legal dramas are good; many are bad. I can, however, definitely say that most of the legal dramas that are currently on TV are of the highest quality. Thanks to the efforts of many a great writer, networks have been putting out legal dramas with amazing writing for the past few years. The recent spate of high-quality legal dramas really shows that we are currently in the golden age of TV. In this post, I am going to talk about one of the most successful legal dramas in recent history: Suit & Tie. By talking about this show, I hope to help both casual TV fans and those who want to work in the industry gain amazing insights into the current state of TV.

Suit & Tie is a legal drama created by Matty Weiner for NBCS. The premise of the show is loosely based on the real-life exploits of Rodney Danes, a car accident lawyer who was once considered the best personal injury lawyer in Toronto. He was a car accident lawyer Toronto citizens trusted until his untimely death at the age of 58. Since the show started airing in 2008, it has consistently garnered more and more devoted fans. Although it had low ratings during its first few seasons, it is now one of the most watched TV series currently on air. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the quality of the show’s writing.

Unlike most other shows on TV, Suit & Tie plays more like a film than a TV show. For this reason, many critics consider it the best show on TV right now. Suit & Tie goes beyond its medium and is considered by many people to be a transcendent work of art. The show is the rare example of a work of art that has garnered both a wide audience and critical acclaim.

Before Suit & Tie became a hit, NBCS was just a cable channel making modest profits. Thanks to the show’s success, however, NBCS is now one of the TV industry’s biggest earners. Because of their success with Suit & Tie, NBCS now produces more quality programming – fortunately for the channel, their new shows have also become critical and commercial successes. Of course, despite helping to make NBCS one of the biggest TV networks today, these new shows don’t match Suit & Tie in terms of quality.

If there’s one thing I want to drive at in this post, it’s that every TV network “needs a Suit & Tie” to become a major player. Those planning to make it big in the TV industry need to be mindful of this fact. By striving to create a work as great as Suit & Tie, those working in TV will surely be able to produce quality programming that earns its producers money as well as entertain millions of people from all over the world. In today’s world, quality doesn’t have to compromise commercial success with regard to TV shows.

Mad Girls: The Best TV Show Currently On Air

The TV industry is at its best right now. Thanks to the fact that TV viewers now have a more sophisticated taste and the fact that the TV networks aren’t afraid of experimenting with their programming anymore, millions of people worldwide now get to watch so many amazing TV shows every day while TV networks make a lot of money off of them. The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about what makes today’s TV shows so successful both critically and commercial. To do this, I am going to talk about “Mad Girls” a show that currently airs on AMCC.

Mad Girls is a show that embodies the spirit of today’s TV industry. It is bold and daring yet commercially successful – it would have been impossible to create a show with all these characteristics just a few years ago. Shortly before Mad Girls started airing, many experts in the TV industry deemed it too challenging for viewers and thus wouldn’t be commercially successful. They were wrong though; AMCC’s risk paid off. Mad Girls became a huge success and it started a wave of new programs which aimed to aspire to high art. Due to the success of Mad Girls, every TV networks now aims to experiment with their programming until they find their own “Mad Girls.” A number of TV networks have succeeded at this feat: HBBO achieved it with “Game of Chairs” while FOXX achieved it with “Arquero.”

There are many things that made Mad Girls so unique and amazing back when it started airing, but the most striking aspect of the show was (and still is) its production. Mad Girls is set in late 19th century Canada, and so it seeks to recreate the look of the period. One of the ways the show’s production crew does this is by making use of old, abandoned homes from the period. Of course, there are many considerations to using such locations, and one of them happens to be making them safe for the crew’s health. Many of the locations used for the show initially had significant amounts of mold, for one, and to keep the show’s production crew safe, the production crew has such locations cleaned up by a mold removal company. When it comes to mold testing and black mold removal Toronto citizens trust just one company, and this company is hired by Mad Girls production crew to clean up the locations they use.

There are many other considerations that Mad Girls’ production crew addresses to make the show successful. Because of their amazing efforts, they are able to make the show’s production very successful and thus continue releasing amazing episodes of a show that is lauded by many critics as one of the best TV shows ever and that makes a considerable amount of money for its parent network. Hopefully, what I have written here will give amazing insights to readers who want to work in the TV industry. Owing to the fact that the TV industry is experiencing a golden age right now, it can definitely be said that now is the best time for people to get into the TV industry.

The Golden Age of Television

So many of today’s TV shows are considered to be just as good as the best films ever released. Thanks to advancements in technology and the fact that TV networks are now taking risks, many of the TV shows currently on air have high-quality writing, and this (among many other factors) make them rival the most critically acclaimed films of all time in terms of quality. We are currently in the golden age of TV, and it looks like it is not going to end any time soon. The reason why I am writing this post is to talk about one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows on air right now: Traders. Traders embodies the factors that contribute to the TV industry being at its best right now; by talking about the Traders, I hope to make more people understand what makes TV so good right now.

Traders is a TV show about a group of binary options brokers and their exploits. One of the things that make the show so great is the fact that it is able to make what most people think of as a “boring” subject really interesting. When one thinks about it, watching people talk about and do binary options trading isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world. Thanks to the quality of Traders’ writing, however, the show is engaging to the point that millions of people from all over the world tune into it every week. There are many other factors that make the show so great, and these include its amazing production design and great direction.

Many of show’s scenes are actually filmed at the Banc de Binary office. Despite being filmed mostly at an office, the backdrops for the office look very exotic – this has made many people ask, where is Banc de Binary located? By looking “Banc de Binary address” up on Google, any person will find out that the show is mostly filmed in Cyprus. Many people are wrong to think that the brokerage’s office is just in one of the more exotic places in North America. Despite being able to offer great service to its global clientele in real life, Banc de Binary’s only physical address is in Cyprus.

Traders isn’t the only show on TV that has a filmic quality, though. In fact, many other other shows on TV are just of the same quality as Traders. Just a few years ago, making TV shows as original as Traders would have been unthinkable as what TV networks would have earned from such shows back then wouldn’t have justified the costs of making high-quality TV shows. It’s much different now. TV networks can now experiment and do unique things on TV and earn so much money for doing so. Traders and other high-quality shows have made their parent networks so much money, and this has made more and more TV networks experiment with their programming. Judging from the looks of things, this trend isn’t going to die down soon. We can definitely expect the golden age of TV to continue for at least a decade or so.