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Canadian Film Festivals

filmfestivalCanada was thought to be a small country with a small film industry; but with the current developments in its economy and technology, this once small country became well known to the world. Despite the country’s relatively small population, the talents are extremely big. The ability of its people to live up to worldly expectations has made Canada a country to watch out.

Parts of Canada were colonized by the French, and some inhabitants are natural French speakers, however, majority of the population are English speakers allowing them to cope up and keep up with the global trends.

Satellite Television

satellite tvThe home will not be complete without a television set that serves as the primary entertainment of kids and adults when staying at home? Life at home would be boring especially for the kids, teenagers and even for adults who are engaged in their favorite television shows. From small kids and their cartoons, to teens and their romance flicks, to adults and sci-fi or melodramatic shows, the TV is one appliance that should be present in the house.

Even though parents would often nag their kids about viewing schedules, in deep thought parents should actually be thankful that they have a TV because their kids stay at home and not loiter in the streets.  

The Importance of Exhibition Stands in Film Festivals

A lot of directors lobby for their films to be included in a film festival. This is one of the ways for them to get free advertising. A lot of people might be able to see their movies. They might also look around the exhibits and learn more about the movie. If they win in any category, then it is an even bigger bonus. Thus, if you aspire to make it big as a mainstream director and you are given the chance to participate in a film festival, you need to make the most out of it. You have to make sure that you get all types of exposure you can possibly get. With more people talking about your movie, it means that your chances of being popular will increase.

Creating a Movie Booth that Stands Out

There are different gimmicks involved in a film festival other than the actual film showing and awarding. One of them is the movie exhibition booth, usually outside the place where the festival is being held. Each movie producers can have his or her style of making the whole place look amazing and captivating. Of course, the booth will stand next to many other films. Therefore, it is best if there is something that pops out, but still easy to create.

In doing so, you might need to rent or buy exhibition stands. These stands are easy to assemble. They can also fit in any type of event. You can also adjust the stands depending on the space allocated for your booth. Once the stand is setup, you can now redecorate the whole place and make it look outstanding.

Tips to Capture People’s Attention

One way for your booth to stand out is to have something that can really capture the attention of many people. You can have something scary standing outside. You can also have a wonderful image from the movie that the people can take picture with. Most of all, you need to invite your actors to stand on the booth alternately so that people will come and check your booth out. If you need more information regarding exhibition stands and where to find them, visit here.

The Giver isn’t giving us much to Work with

Dystopian movies are always fun to watch, but every once in a while, the genre gets a little saturated. The premise is easy to play around with, but what matters in a film about a ruined future is the warning. The message is supposed to be clear cut, but hidden away in between the story’s characters and world itself. The Giver is a dystopia, but it doesn’t offer us anything new, and here’s why.

The Message
Dystopian societies are often rife with rules or a lack thereof. Often, they’re governments are composed of faceless leaders who micromanage their population because of some nefarious but mysterious reason. The Giver has all this and more; the source material was absolutely filled gorgeous imagery and a philosophy on life that really is relevant. The film we got focused on the surface plot, what was going on in their world rather than what it was trying to imply. It’s like a new office space for rent; a very good and pretty building but still absolutely empty inside. The film is also well-acted as well, but it also felt as if the director couldn’t get the most out of his cast.

Great Visuals
Much like Pleasantville before it, The Giver likes using the black and white turning to color effect. I guess it’s more of a visual effect meant to represent a lack of passion, and to its credit, the director pulls it off well. In fact, the slow reintroduction of color into the world is glorious so I’d highly suggest seeing the film just for that.

Overall, The Giver lacks flair and while it does play out well, there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before especially since there are a lot more alternatives out on DVD right now. First you should check out the Hunger Games series for better storytelling and world building. If you really want to see a great dystopian film, Snowpiercer should be right up your alley. It’s dark, gloomy, and filled with some of the best action sequences in film this summer. Check in soon for another batch of reviews!

Eco-Friendly Television Production

The 2006 documentary film, “The Inconvenient Truth,” brought to the world’s attention the problem of climate change and the need for collective action. Several sectors of society have responded positively. Today, most households are reducing, reusing and recycling. Businesses are likewise implementing cleaner and more energy-efficient ways to manufacture and sell their goods. Not to be outdone, the film industry has taken a portion of the environmental responsibility upon its shoulders by helping to raise awareness on the environment and employing greener film production practices.

Inclusion of environmental issues in both television and movie films have been done for several years. The nine-episode television documentary entitled “The Years of Living Dangerously,” showcases the effects of global warming in different parts of the world. The multi-awarded Hollywood film, “Erin Brockovich,” tells the true story about a woman’s advocacy against pollution. Some television productions are even making children aware about the importance of caring about the environment, which was done through a cartoon show called “Captain Planet.”

Because of its strong influence on the public, the television industry has indeed done a good job in promoting environmental consciousness through the stories they tell. However, this is just one aspect of being environmentally sustainable. It can certainly achieve a lot more by not only narrating stories but by living them; and this can be done by applying more eco-friendly practices in film production.

Similar to the average household, a television production can be more eco-friendly by employing the principle of “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Transportation is essential to any film production and one way of reducing the carbon footprint is thru the use of more energy-efficient or hybrid vehicles. During film shoots, food served to the cast and production crews should be locally-grown and should be done with the use of biodegradable or reusable utensils and kitchenware. Leftovers can be donated to charitable organizations to avoid waste.

In terms of props, it is recommended to recycle them as much as possible. They should be free from toxic materials and energy-efficient as well, which should also be applicable to set lighting. For instance, when the film needs to be shot indoors, lighting can be an issue. Nevertheless, this can be addressed in an eco-friendly way by using more proficient lighting technology. Alternatively, the film crew can make good use of natural light that passes through windows that are manufactured to be energy-efficient, such the windows and doors featured by this company that is based in Barrie. It is a fortunate fact that most movies that are made for television are shot with digital equipment, which not only makes production costs cheaper but reduces carbon emissions during the making of a film.

The film industry is notorious for its opulence and excesses; hence, the efforts of television networks and production studios towards environmental sustainability are indeed most welcome. Although much more needs to be done, audiences worldwide can take comfort in knowing that the films they enjoy watching on television are not doing harm to the environment.

The Internet of Things – Is it Secure?

Our lives revolve around the Internet of Things these days. More and more, we rely on computers and the internet to help us live our daily lives but just how secure is it?  The future relies on computing and technology, without it, either we go back in time – a long way – or the world will sink without a trace.

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is an evolution, a revolutionary new world where objects are more than capable of talking to other objects. Yes, I know it sounds a bit sci-fi but that is exactly what the world is all about.

To make it a little easier to understand, a few examples are hospitals being able to keep an eye on pacemakers from a distance, hotels being able to adjust light and temperature for each individual guest and factories that sort out production line problems automatically, with little in the way of human intervention.

It all relies on one thing – the internet. Without it, these devices could not interact with one another and the number of devices connected to the internet is almost growing faster than the speed of light. Your business has a requirement to send and receive, to gather data and analyze it and respond to devices connected to it.

Security Issues

With so much relying on and connected to the internet these days, is it any wonder that instances of malware and virus protection have also increased?   And, the threats are becoming harder to ignore and more widespread in the damage they can do.

Take the HeartBleed bug, for example.  So much was affected by that bug it was almost beyond the realms of possibility. Not only were some of the biggest websites in known history affected, so were any devices connected to the internet.

In the recent past, there have been any number of attacks made via computers, such as ATM’s being hacked into, bank accounts, NFC credit card snooping and so much more besides.  Because of all this, it is more important now than it ever has been to have a good IT service management plan, like the one offered here, in place. The cost is inconsequential in light of the damage that could be caused without one.

A Look at the Current Golden Age of TV

The TV industry is currently in a golden age. Over the past few years, TV networks have been producing a lot of programming that’s both commercially successful and critically acclaimed. It can be said that it’s currently the best time to enter the TV industry for anyone planning to work in it. Although TV networks still put limits as to what the people who work in the industry can do, many of these limitations have gotten loose since the start of the golden age. If you’ve always wanted to create an amazing TV show with a daring premise and a story that pushes the boundaries of the medium, then do make it a point to consider getting into the TV industry today.

To make you understand what has made these past few years the golden age of TV, I’m going to talk about one of the most critically acclaimed shows released in the period: Options.

Options is a TV show about binary options trading (know more about binary options trading by clicking the link). It stars three charismatic leads, and one of these leads happens to be a big movie star: Jorge Clooney. The story of the show primarily focuses on how Jorge Clooney’s character is able to provide for his family’s needs by engaging in binary options trading. While the premise might sound boring, it actually isn’t. The way binary options trading is presented in the series is very exciting. Thanks to the show’s attention to detail, so many people actually ended up learning how to do binary options (click here to know more) through it effectively.

Of course, having a great premise and story isn’t the only thing that makes Options such a great show. One other thing that happens to make it a great show is the fact that it has gorgeous cinematography. Thanks to the work of cinematographer Miles Matsoukas, the show looks immaculate and is said to even rival the best Hollywood films in terms of its look. Considering that the show has a much lower budget compared to a typical blockbuster, the quality of its cinematography alone says a lot about the quality of the show.

Options is just one of the many shows the make the current era the golden age of TV. In another era, there would be just one show with the quality of Options. This isn’t the case now. There are so many more TV shows currently airing that are just as good as Options. These shows include Mad Girls and the Wires. It’s really amazing.

Hopefully, this post of mine proves to be enlightening to all of my readers. For tomorrow’s post, I’m going to talk about the stages of production crews have to go through in order to make a TV show. Everyone who wants to work in the TV industry needs to know how production stages work. Creating a great TV show isn’t just a matter of writing a solid script. It involves careful coordination between many different departments. No matter how good a script it, a botched production will just end up making it bad. Know more about these very important things in tomorrow’s post.

Iconic TV Firearms and Heroes

Iconic firearms have helped to develop recreational shooting into a fun family pastime for those who enjoy family get-togethers involving firearms that are handled safely. An afternoon of recreational hunting or target shooting offers lots of fun, and the firearms can be cleaned and safely stored in a top gun safe like the options looked at through in-depth gun safe reviews here.

Here is a brief list of some of the most iconic firearms brought into our family homes each week on popular television programs.

Sheriff Matt Dillon’s Single Action Army Revolver

The gun that tamed Dodge City was featured longer than any other firearm in U.S. television history and appeared each week during the opening segment for Gunsmoke as Marshal Matt Dillon squared off against an unlucky but armed adversary as the opening credits rolled. Countless are the lives saved and taken by Marshal Dillon as the longest-serving lawman in U.S. television history. And while Marshal Dillon is a fictional character, the single-action Model 1873 Colt Army pistol he used very much is real and one of the guns famed for winning the West.

Lucas McCain’s Famous Winchester Rifle

The venerable Winchester rifle in its many guises has graced American television screens every weekend as a featured firearms in countless Western movies and television programs. And actor Chuck Connor thrilled audiences with his handling of the classic Model 92 Winchester rifle with its wide-loop lever-action rifle while playing rancher and single father Lucas McCain on The Rifleman. John Wayne also preferred using the wide-loop lever-action Winchester in his many Westerns. Although popularly known as a .30-30 caliber, the rifles were made in many others, including calibers capable of downing buffalo.

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Handgun

Although never actually produced by a firearms manufacturer, the iconic 1960s TV spy series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. featured modified German Wehrmacht P-38 pistols to create the Man from U.N.C.L.E. handgun. Wielded by heroes intent on keeping the world free from evildoers and other oppressive global forces, real or imagined, of the 1960s, the gun held a prominent place during the weekly TV show introductions and throughout the TV show’s history as it helped agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin defeat the evil forces of THRUSH and make the world a safe place for good folks.

Thomas Magnum’s Model 1911

An iconic TV show private investigator needs an iconic handgun. For TV’s Thomas Magnum, the natural choice is his famous Model 1911 Colt .45 ACP firearm. Being a former Navy SEAL, the private investigator played by Tom Selleck is most comfortable with the iconic Model 1911 Colt .45 that he used often times when finally forced to face down a truly bad guy. Famous for his self-effacing, happy-go-lucky demeanor, viewers knew the special forces stud would come out of hiding whenever Magnum grabbed his .45 in the back of his pants and headed out to deal with bad guys.

While television heroes always were deadeye shooters, the rest of us need to practice our shooting to hit the intended target or even use a rifle scope like like these seen here, for a more accurate target.

How Do Celebrities Stay Famous

There are many famous celebrities that still enjoy the limelight and undue applause, regardless of their talent or contribution in their respective fields. Paris Hilton is one great example. The question as to what makes these celebrities famous enough to be read about, clicked and covered almost every day with every move they make, remains a mystery for many. Read on to unravel some of the secrets behind how do certain celebrities maintain their fame and social status. 

Unusual Course of Action

Some deliberately, while others accidentally indulge in an unusual course of action that becomes the talk of the town. Examples include, carrying a statement making or ultimately bizarre piece of clothing or accessories turns many cameras, comments and opinions directed towards the celebrity highlighting their name for a certain period of time. Using the social media platform to comment negatively about another celebrity's weight, looks or hair also rages fire and the tweet or post keeps spreading along with the celebrity's name. There are many ways through which celebrities act obnoxiously to call attention to themselves. This cannot be called positive publicity though, usually people who are less talented and do not have projects to keep up their fame fall for such tactics to stay in the news. 

Good Looks

Celebrities who make it a point to stay fit, healthy, fresh and beautiful also end up staying in the limelight, positively. Those who go through vigorous training programs and work out for an extended period of time for a well toned and healthy body receive all kinds of appreciation, are more likely to get advertisement projects for their image and are loved by people in general. Recently, female celebrities who choose to spruce up their looks through cosmetic surgeries were also well received by the social media and many fashion magazines. Some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that titled heads, include breast augmentation, buttocks and hair transplants. Places like La Mesa’s Aesthetic Arts Institute are known for breast augmentation , While Umansky Medical Centre is known for breast augmentation in San Diego, and these establishments have treated many celebs who have maintained their fame and fortune. 

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Celebrities who take the risk of stepping forward and investing in entrepreneurial ventures are also able to keep up with the news flash updates that are needed on and off. Some of these ventures include fashion labels, restaurants, spas, hotels, event management companies and travel services. By doing so, the ups and downs or the projects that the ventures are usually busy in accredit the celebrity as well, keeping their name alive in the news. 

Social Welfare Activities and Charities

Building up a foundation or memorial, or an old age home is also a positive way of serving the community and putting personal wealth to good use. Many celebrities who have a reputation for being generous and active when it comes to charities are loved, respected and remembered by people even after they have passed away. Instead of the many scandals or negative associations that lead to staying in the news, celebrities from TV and movies who stick to this cause of staying popular, seldom lose their goodwill or fan following even after years of retiring or quitting work unofficially. 

The Traders: The Embodiment of the Current TV Renaissance

The TV industry is currently experiencing a renaissance. This is because TV networks are now unafraid to air experimental programming. It’s really amazing. Not only have TV networks produced so many amazing, forward-thinking programs over the past few years, they have also gained a lot more viewers as result. This really proves that sometimes, you can get the best of both worlds. In this post, I am going to talk about one of the forward-thinking TV shows that have earned AMCC, one of the TV networks here in Canada, a fortune over the past few years: The Traders. By talking about the Traders, I’ll be able to make my readers understand what exactly makes the TV shows being produced now so critically acclaimed whilst being commercially successful.

The Traders is a “reality show.” However, unlike older reality shows, the Traders actually tackles a lot of issues being faced by the online trading community. The way the show looks at this issue is very in-depth. Still, even though this is the case, the way the show presents information is actually very exciting. The show is able to do this by showing the day-to-day activities of long-time binary options trader, Jerry McDowell. For the first episode of the series, the show sought to answer a common question asked by those new to binary options trading: Is Banc de Binary real?

If the Traders had been a boring documentary, it would have just relied on old footage with boring voice-over narration to explain how Banc de Binary is one of the best legitimate brokerages in the world. Instead, it focused on Jerry learning how to trade binary options and then doing it with Banc de Binary. Although it seems boring on paper, the way the first episode is edited made things very exciting. From the first moment of the episode to the part where Jerry ends up earning thousands of dollars’ worth of profits through Banc de Binary’s trading platform, the show keeps its viewers on the edge of their seat.

How is the show able to do this? One way the show is able to do it would be through the fact that it is edited in such a way that it only shows the most important parts of the binary options trading experience. The problem with older reality shows is that they meander and show lots of footage that doesn’t contribute to the flow of the program. Older reality shows are edited in such a way so that their episodes end up stretched out (it goes without saying that this an advertising tactic). This isn’t the case with the Traders. The show is content with having fewer episodes and shorter runtimes. Despite the fact that fewer commercials air during the time a Traders episode is showing, the fact that so many people watch the show make up for it. It’s really amazing.

It remains to be seen how the TV landscape is going to change in the next few years. Still, we can reasonably expect it to get a lot better. If you’ve always wanted to work in the TV industry, I can confidently tell you that now is the best time to enter it.

The Trouble With the Internet

There was a time when the television was the portal to all that existed in the world. Families would crowd around it and wait for the evening news, wondering what the newscasters would reveal in their segment but hoping it wasn't too vulgar for their children. As the years went on, morning television programs became the reason many kids got up to go to school in the morning. Waking up to watch an episode of Saved By the Bell tricked you into thinking you were excited about going to school. In reality, you were just excited about watching your favorite students hang out with each other on screen! TV was king! During the age of "television supremacy" parental controls were the best way to keep kids from watching anything they weren't supposed to or even spending too much time idly ingesting soaps and cartoons. It was a much simpler time. It seems that as long as parents could place parental controls on their televisions, they could control what their kids saw. To a certain degree they were right. But unfortunately, no one could have prepared for the internet and it's ability to take all parental control away. 

Keeping Kids, "Kids" 

Nowadays, a kid simply needs to good "naked girl" and an assortment of naked women will show up in the images section of their search engine! That is truly appalling if you think about it. Not only can a young boy find out exactly what he wants to know about the opposite sex, he can find it out with just a few clicks. Young girls are bombarded with images of women everyday that subconsciously causes them to try and emulate such images. Especially if a young girl is able to access photos of a mature woman's body, she is bound to feel inadequate and confused about her worth as a young female. Just the other day I was surfing the web and a pop-up website appeared before me with sexual advertisement banners strewn across the page. It's alarming that a young girl should have to see such over-sexualized images at a delicate stage of maturing and growing into a young adult. Of course, there are certain systems that can place certain controls on browsing but ultimately, the internet is an ever-growing, ever-changing landscape of information. The young kids of today have a drastically larger amount of freedom and access to all kinds of information than their counterparts from earlier generations. It makes you miss the simpler times when there were only certain channels that housed graphic images like the ones aforementioned above. 

The Distortion of Anatomy 

Not only does the internet allow for the youths of today to see things that they aren't necessarily ready to ingest and understand, it also places unfair expectations in their minds. This can lead to depression, anxiety and a false sense of self later on down the line. Especially for young women, the idea of the "perfect female body" is pounded into their heads daily. This arguably leads to a desire to change what they already have by getting cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentations and tummy tucks… all because a photoshopped image on a screen makes them think they should. Click here to find out more about breast augmentation in Minneapolis. Click here to find out more information on breast in New York.

Hollywood’s Top Hair Trends

If you’re looking for new hair style to beat the so-last-year look, where else to look for but in Hollywood’s hottest actresses? These ladies are always fabulous from head to toe; you’ll get to wonder how they did it! Well, they start at the top, the hair, the crowning glory of women. They make sure that they look sleek, glamorous, and simply the best with these trendy hair styles:

Playful Pixie

Who can forget the moment when Emma Watson revealed her new pixie haircut? Most were shocked but all definitely loved it. She looked stunning, classy, fresh, more matured, and ready for change, exactly the effects she wanted to get. Jennifer Lawrence also cut her long locks into a cute pixie last year, and it was absolutely a welcome change. And will we skip on Miley Cyrus’ controversial transformation? Part of the huge makeover was her pixie blonde, which admittedly looked adorable. If you’re craving to create a new you, cropping your long hair into a pixie is definitely the way to go.

Elegant Updo

Updos are evidently one of Hollywood’s favorite. Almost all A-list actresses have sported an updo at one point. Angelina Jolie is seen in many events clad in an elegant simple dress and an equally elegant updo. Anne Hathaway also looks good in a sleek updo, with a side swept slicked back with highgloss gel. Her dark hair and full brows make it work for her. Going to a formal event? Consider having an updo.

Curvy Curls

Women love curls, and there’s a good reason for it. It looks good on just about anybody, with the right touch. Beyoncé Knowles, Vanessa Hudgens, Taaylor Swift, Eva Mendes, and a lot more have voluminous, gorgeous curls that compliment their features. You don’t have to go to the parlor to get one, though. You can use the best curling iron in town. Thick mane? No worries, Woocurls has the best curling iron for thick hair.  

Heavy bangs

This year expect to see a lot of bangs in Hollywood. Whether it’s Brandy’s heavy bangs straight across the forehead or Reese Witherspoon’s subtle spikes reaching below her brows, bangs are definitely in. Zooey Deschanel’s heavy wavy bangs are also a great sight that makes her blue eyes stand out. If you’re looking for a transformation, this may be best for you. Just make sure the bangs will fit your face perfectly.

Classy Bob

Curly bobs, sleek straight bobs, wavy bobs – bobs simply look elegantly effortless but not any less stylish. Michelle Dockery, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Cameron Diaz, and Katy Perry have all sported bobs and they look adorable. January Jone’s vintage bob cut is adorable. You can style bobs any way you want; you can make it sleek, curly, wavy, you can add highlights, you can make it jaw-grazing; absolutely any way you want to.

These haircuts will look amazing all year round, in whatever season. With the right touch and maintenance, you can achieve these Hollywood actresses’ fabulous looks. 

Fimling a Music Festival

I have recently got a chance to film a music festival. This will be my first time so I am excited. There is so much more than just going out and taking some videos to it. This is my guide on what I plan to do to get the best film possible.

Meeting the Performers

I plan on meeting and taking video of all the performers for the first section of my film. I assume that I will be given VIP access to do this. When making music festival film the most important part is the band. People want to see the band behind the scenes and see what they do. I think this part of the film will really separate it from the other music festival films out there. I have already spoken with the drummer, Lawrence Jaeger on his Facebook page. He has agreed to show me around and help me get film of what it is truly like behind the scenes.

Filming the People

The second part of my film will be before the bands play. I want to get film of people getting ready, having a good time and what their environment is like. I will also get some video of all the vendors to show people how good the food and drinks are there. When the band starts playing I will get plenty of film of their performance as well as the crowd. This part will take up the majority or my short film.

Winding Down

The final section of my film will be toward the end of the performance. I plan on highlighting the amped up people wanting more. I also want to do some interviews with people that attending the show. I plan to ask them what they thought of the performance, what they thought of the vendors and if they would come back again. The closing scene would be people getting in their car and leaving. I also want to do some road shots on my trip out while playing some of the band’s music in the background.
I will update you guys and try to post the video of my final edit on this website.

The Extraordinary Rise Of Infomercials. 6 Pack Abs, Knife Sharpeners, Stone Cookware And More

I remember many years ago advertising on television was different. If you wanted to advertise on a television station you purchased an advertising slot and advertised your product. It was simple and effective and everybody knew what the ads were.

But those days are gone and now “infomational” advertising is all the rage. Whilst we still see plenty of standard television advertising the rise of “infomercials” has been dramatic.

You know the ones. A complete half-hour dedicated to the latest fitness equipment. A well seasoned presenter talking to a bunch of people who have used a particular piece of fitness equipment to reduce their weight by 50lbs and who have happened to get 6 packs abs along the way.

There are now entire programs, and television channels, dedicated to the infomercial.

The trend towards infomercials began in the US where companies promoted their products in long form television shows outside of peaktime hours, commonly from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Being long form programs it was essential that the program present information together with the promotional material. Therefore the term “infomercial” was coined, being a combination of the words “information” and “commercial”.

These programs are often made to resemble standard television programmes as closely as possible, and often tried to downplay the fact that a product is being sold to improve the response rate of the viewers.

Usually there is a more complicated commercial message and call to action in these programs than you would find in regular commercials, and they often seek to get viewers to phone a dedicated number to talk to someone at the company.

Why would anyone watch an infomercial?

Some people wonder why any viewers would sit through half an hour of advertising. However infomercials have proven to be extremely popular and very effective as advertising and estimates are that anywhere up to $150 billion of products are sold in the US every year through infomercials.

We’ve recently been interested to watch a few to see how modern infomercial technology is working. In the last few days we’ve watched infomercials about how to choose stone cookware, how to get 6 pack abs (a common favorite) and how to select the best knife sharpener (like these ones).

We still wonder how anyone could sit through a half-hour of television during which time, despite all efforts being made to suggest the contrary, they are clearly being advertised to. In the US now the FTC requires that any infomercial longer than 15 minutes must disclose that it is a paid advertisement, so it’s very difficult to maintain that the program is anything other than an ad.

But it seems that infomercials are here to stay

Despite our skepticism there’s no doubt, however, that infomercials are here to stay. They sell products effectively and TV stations love them. They are a new source of revenue and we have no doubt that there will be infomercials on your TV into the foreseeable future.

But it’s your choice whether you watch them or not.