The epic return of Canadian series “Pure”

The epic return of Canadian series “Pure”

Pure, the popularly known Canadian series gained popularity when it aired on the CBC Television channel on January and February 2017. The idea behind the television drama series was pitched by Michael Amo to different television networks but did not receive a positive reception up until 2017. The 6.7/10 rated television drama series was reportedly watched by 858,000 Canadian viewers in April 2017.

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Canadian Television Fund: all you need to know

Canadian Television Fund all you need to know

If you are looking for more variety when you switch on your TV, you are in luck.

CTF is now looking at rewarding and funding Canadian producers who have something different to offer. The program is aimed to help create high-quality television programs during peak hours.

And according to the CTF duties laid down, the body has to look at funding programs from different niche, including drama, children, and youth. Additionally, the programs have to be made in both the official languages of English and French.

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The top things you didn’t know about Canadian TV foundations

Canadian TV funds

Hooked on to your favorite TV show every evening? It doesn’t matter whether you like The Big Bang Theory or something else, you know that there is a lot of exciting content out there.

The Canadian television industry is linguistically divided into French and English-speaking segments. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), founded in 1936, serves the English-language market. Its audience is not as extensive as the commercial broadcasters, who have a larger audience.

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Canada Media Fund: establishment, work and projects

Canada Media Fund establishment work and projects

The Canadian media industry has witnessed a significant change in the last few years, but it wasn’t really possible without the right government intervention.

It was in 2010 that the Canada Media Fund (CMF) was officially launched but the journey started a long way back. We will be taking a look at how it came about below, and how the Canadian media industry has changed down the years.

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