The epic return of Canadian series “Pure”

The epic return of Canadian series “Pure”

Pure, the popularly known Canadian series gained popularity when it aired on the CBC Television channel on January and February 2017. The idea behind the television drama series was pitched by Michael Amo to different television networks but did not receive a positive reception up until 2017. The 6.7/10 rated television drama series was reportedly watched by 858,000 Canadian viewers in April 2017.

All you need to know about “Pure”

The main cast, Ryan Robbins who plays Noah Funk, who is a Mennonite that lives in Antioch, just became the pastor of the church. He works undercover with his pastor status alongside a drug and organized crime network.

This six-episode series was inspired by the operations of the Mennonite organized crime network that smuggle and distribute cocaine and other hard drugs from Mexico through the borders to Canada.

Other noticeable casts of the television drama series include Peter Outerbridge who casts as Eli Voss, Rosie Perez as Phoebe O’Reilly, Alex Paxton as Anna Funk Alysson Hannigan as Esther Dunkel to mention a few.

The first season of Pure was produced by Cineflix media and Two East Productions, and Ken Girotti directed it.

The series renewal

The series, which premiered in April 2017 was well anticipated especially by the Canadian people as well as the rest of the world. It didn’t get the dream renewal in 2017 but got it in 2018 after it was picked up for renewal by CBC for the second season.

This development has got fans and the general cinematic universe in an anticipating mood waiting and anxiously expecting what the second season will birth. The second season of this television series is expected to be available in 2019. This renewal was made possible by CBC, super channel, Hulu and WGN.

Awards nominations

The television series made a number of good impressions and thus was nominated for a number of awards. In 2017 alone, for the ACTRA Maritime awards, Gary Levert was nominated for the category of outstanding male supporting actor role. Also, Ken Girotti, the director of Pure, got nominated at the Directors guide of Canada awards for the outstanding directorial achievement in drama series category.

In 2018, for the Canadian screen awards, there were three nominations in the category of best drama series, best direction of a drama series, best original song. For the Screen Nova Scotia awards ceremony, Pure won the best television drama series award in the category.

In conclusion

The television series is centered on crime and drug networks that have found institutions to hide under as a cover-up. This is one of the many institutions that are put known for fostering drug trafficking.

The directors and cast, as well as the expectant audience and fans of the show, are super thrilled on the news of the renewal and the anticipation for the release come 2019 is high.

With its numerous audience and fan base, this television drama series is expected to win more awards and accolades in the period to come.