Canadian Television Fund: all you need to know

Canadian Television Fund all you need to know

If you are looking for more variety when you switch on your TV, you are in luck.

CTF is now looking at rewarding and funding Canadian producers who have something different to offer. The program is aimed to help create high-quality television programs during peak hours.

And according to the CTF duties laid down, the body has to look at funding programs from different niche, including drama, children, and youth. Additionally, the programs have to be made in both the official languages of English and French.

Currently, the Television Division in the Telefilm Canada manages these television funds.

What will CTF look at when trying to find a New Canadian Show to fund in?

For one, the programs need to be able to successfully engage a certain audience. Then, the CTF funding needs to be used for production and translation of these programs to the official languages of English and French as well as any other native language of that region.

Broadly speaking, CTF is looking to fund in four different ways:

  • One, where they give cash advances
  • One, where they give specific grants;
  • One, where they invest with a promise of equity;
  • One, where they help Canadian producers with their license fees

Basic requirements for receiving CTF contributions

Apart from the ways, CTF looks to fund projects, the project in itself has to satisfy four different essential requirements, something we know as the 4ER.

Only after a project meets all of these can they be considered for any of the funding streams.

What are the 4 essential requirements?

–    The program has to focus majorly on the different Canadian themes and issues.

–    The Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO) has to approve it with a full ten points under the CAVCO scale.

– Canadians need to own the basic rights to the project.

– Canada has to be the first country where the project will be launched.

Documentaries though are an exception to this rule.

How much can one get?

CTF’s contribution and its amount vary on different factors, including the genre, the language as well as funding stream, among other factors. All the funding streams can offer everything from license and investment contributions to shares, according to the set formula.

It is not just stock contributions or license fees that we are looking at here. CTF can also offer grants or just look at specific promotions of the show.

Some figures to consider

"Little Mosque on the Prairie"

“Little Mosque on the Prairie”

With over  $2.7 billion funds till now and a worth of $285 million with as many as 5000 projects till now, CTF has funded several different shows like “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, and “Trailer Park Boys”. The funding comes from cable firms as well as the Canadian government.

Through its years of existence, CTF has taken enough efforts to ensure that Canadians get quality television and first-rate programs to watch and enjoy.